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About us – Impact Summit 2020
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Impact Summit Organisation

Impact Summit Organization and leadership team is a newly established organization which aims to raise the awareness about all 17 Sustainable Development Goals (2030 Agenda) in less economically developed countries by involving local students and volunteers in establishing a local Impact Summit Conference. Impact Summit Team based in Prague supervises the work done by local representatives and encourages people to participate and attend. Impact Summit conference is not a regular Model United Nations Conference. It is rather a process of educating students and encouraging them to become greater and more influential leaders. Moreover the aim of the summit is to connect people together and establish connections between non-governmental organizations and student bodies.


Impact Summit Organisation aims to organise events for both high school and university students all around the world in order to address all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Our mission is to give opportunities to students from less economically developed countries to participate at our events and travel around the world to meet with people from different cultural and religious backgrounds. We have introduced a brand new structure of debating, during which students represent themselves and their respected cultures plus they can meet with UN officials and government representatives. Our mission is not to create a Model United Nation competition, but a conference where students will network with professionals and which will serve as a bridge to achieve a global awareness about the work of United Nations and all 17 Sustainable Development Goals. Impact Summit helps students to realise that everybody can lead this world and become a true leader. The Summit always hosts delegates from all over the world and is special in a way that there are no barriers to entry.


Impact Summit Organisation has set a 2025 goal of hosting 100 Impact Summit Conferences all around the world with more than 1 million students attending as delegates. As an organisation and NGO we want to grow our community of Impact Summit team leaders and by this create a global awareness about our conferences and their goals. We want to increase the education availability in less economically developed countries through our projects and programs and decrease the gender equality gap, by employing same number of males and females to our leadership roles. Collaboration with the United Nations is an essential part of the Vision as well as cooperation with international media all around the world in order to reach people who think that due to lack of opportunities they cannot change things.

Impact Summit Conference is a 3 for more days program during which participants have the opportunity to participate in debates and workshops led by established people in their respective field.

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